I am now an Academic Editor at PLOS ONE!

I am pleased to announce I have joined the PLOS ONE journal editorial team as an Academic Editor! I am particularly pleased to have joined with PLOS ONE, as the journal is dedicated to open-access publication and is readily accessible to the general public.

As I discussed previously, the effort of many individuals goes into a scientific manuscript, including ad-hoc reviewers and editorial staff at journals.  As an Academic Editor, I will now interface between scientific reviewers and higher-level editorial staff to manage the peer-review process; including evaluating manuscript submissions for applicability to the journal, selecting reviewers, and assessing reviewer comments to making editorial decisions on publishing.

My subject areas include: Biology and life sciences, Agriculture, Animal products, Agricultural production, Animal management, Ecology, Microbial ecology, Microbiology, Applied microbiology, Bacteriology, Microbial ecology, Molecular biology, Molecular biology techniques, Molecular genetics.


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