Scientific publications related to Ishaq Lab research are listed on this page.

Here is a full list of publications involving Dr. Ishaq’s work.

1 undergraduate or 2 graduate student mentored by the Ishaq Lab for this publication.


  1. Ouverson, Laura Tindall, “Response Of Soil Bacterial Communities To Cropping Systems, Temporal Changes, And Environmental Conditions In The Northern Great Plains.” 2021. Montana State University. Pp 126.
    1. Master’s of Science in Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Advisors: Drs. Fabian Menalled and Tim Seipel
  2. Suzanne L. Ishaq, Francisco J. Parada, Patricia G. Wolf, Carla Y. Bonilla, Megan A. Carney, Amber Benezra, Emily Wissel, Michael Friedman, Kristen M. DeAngelis, Jake M. Robinson, Ashkaan K. Fahimipour, Melissa B. Manus, Laura Grieneisen, Leslie G. Dietz, Ashish Pathak, Ashvini Chauhan, Sahana Kuthyar, Justin D. Stewart, Mauna R. Dasari, Emily Nonnamaker, Mallory Choudoir, Patrick F. Horve, Naupaka B. Zimmerman, Ariangela J. Kozik, Katherine Weatherford Darling , Adriana L. Romero-Olivares,  Janani Hariharan, Nicole Farmer, Katherine A. Maki, Jackie L. Collier, Kieran O’Doherty, Jeffrey Letourneau, Jeff Kline, Peter L. Moses, Nicolae Morar. 2021. Introducing the Microbes and Social Equity Working Group: Considering the Microbial Components of Social, Environmental, and Health Justice. mSystems. accepted.
  3. Dankwa2, A.S., U. Humagain2, S.L. Ishaq, C.J. Yeoman, S. Clark , D.C. Beitz, and E. D. Testroet. 2021. Determination of the microbial community in the rumen and fecal matter of lactating dairy cows fed on reduced-fat dried distillers grains with solubles. Animal 15(7):100281. Article.
  4. Ishaq, S.L., A. Hotopp2, S. Silverbrand2, J.E. Dumont, A. Michaud, J. MacRae, S. P. Stock, E. Groden. 2021. Bacterial transfer from Pristionchus entomophagus nematodes to the invasive ant Myrmica rubra and the potential for colony mortality in coastal Maine. iScience 24(6):102663. Article.
  5. Ouverson2, T.,  Eberly, J., Seipel, T., Menalled, F., Ishaq, S.L. 2021.Temporal soil bacterial community responses to cropping systems and crop identity in dryland agroecosystems of the Northern Great Plains.  Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 5:75. Article.
    1. Invited submission to Plant Growth-Promoting Microorganisms for Sustainable Agricultural Production  special collection.