Summary of JAM conference

The Joint Annual Meeting brings together the American Society of Animal Science, the American Dairy Science Association, the Canadian Society of Animal Science, and this year, the Western Section of ASAS.  Or I should say, JAM did bring these together, as this was the last year that all the societies would be meeting jointly for some time.  The meetings bring together researchers, students, educators, animal producers, and animal feeds and industry together to discuss issues facing animal production and how to best solve them.

After patiently waiting for the recordings of my presentations to be made available, I find that they are not available to the public for a year!  So, here are links to the written abstracts for my presentations, and I’ll upload the videos next year.  By that time, hopefully both these projects will already have published manuscripts!

Abstract 1768.  Ground redberry juniper and urea in DDGS-based supplements do not adversely affect ewe lamb rumen microbial communities.

S.L. Ishaq, C.J. Yeoman, and T.R. Whitney. 2016.


Abstract 1522.  Influence of colostrum on the microbiological diversity of the developing bovine intestinal tract.

S.L. Ishaq, E. Bichi, S.K. Olivo, J. Lowe, C.J. Yeoman, and B.M. Aldridge. 2016.


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