The Hungate 1000 Project is now published!

The Hungate 1000 Project was a massive undertaking: namely, sequencing the genome of 1000 microorganisms cultured from ruminant animals all over the world, and was both  coordinated and led by the Rumen Microbial Genomics Network.  After years of hard work by some incredible researchers, the Hungate 1000 has just been published in the Nature Biotechnology Journal! The […]

Fibrolytic bacteria isolated from the rumen of North American moose (Alces alces) and their potential as a probiotic for ruminants.

In order to investigate the moose rumen bacteria face-to-face, I spent two weeks at the University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway, in the lab of Dr. Monica A. Sundset.  There, I learned how to anaerobically isolate and culture bacteria from the digestive tract of reindeer using an anaerobic chamber.  The chamber allows you to create an enclosed […]

500WS Eugene Pod Science Salon; “Hot Mess: Biodiversity in the Sky Islands and following fire.”