Lola standing in front of her poster which displays the results of her research on gut microbes.

Upcoming presentations at the UMaine Student Symposium

The UMaine Student Symposium is an annual event featuring research presentations from undergraduate and graduate students, and is a way to share student research on campus and with the Maine public.

All of the abstracts for the full program are available here.

The event is free to attend, and will take place at the Collins Center on the UMaine Orono Campus, Friday April 14, 2023.

Several students from the Ishaq Lab will be presenting their ongoing work:

Members of the Ishaq Lab posing together for a photo outside.
Keagan Rice, Sydney Shair, Marissa Kinney, Sue Ishaq, Ayodeji Olaniyi, Ryan Wijayanayake, and Lola Holcomb at the 2023 UMaine Student Symposium.

Portrait of Lola Holcomb, wearing a block sweater on a beach at sunset

Early Life Exposure to Broccoli Sprouts Confers Stronger Protection against Enterocolitis Development in an Immunological Mouse Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Student Name(s): Lola Holcomb

Other authors: Johanna Holman

Abstract Number: 1035

Presentation is based on work that is in review.

“Establishing Growth Curve Assays for Bacterial Glucosinolate Metabolism

Student Name(s): Marissa Kinney

Other authors: Ryan Wijayanayake, Johanna Holman

Abstract Number: 909

Presentation is based on work that is in progress.

“The Veterinary Immersion Plan: An Innovative Solution to Address Non Predictive Barriers to Entering the Field of Veterinary Medicine”

Student Names: Zach Inniss, Kurt Janscy

Abstract number: 911

Presentation is based on work created and driven by Zach Inniss.

“Investigating The Activity of Bacteria Isolated from Tank Biofilms in a Hatchery System for Sea Scallop, Placopecten magellanicus Larvae”

Student Name(s): Ayodeji Olaniyi

Abstract Number: 419

Presentation is based on work that is in progress.

Ayodeji won a graduate student research award for this poster!

“Assessing the Small Animal Veterinary Needs of Rural Maine and Implementing an Effective Management Plan”

Student Name(s): Marielle Pelletier

Abstract Number: 835

Presentation created and driven by Ellie Pelletier and Tegwin Taylor.

“Assessment of the Association of Sea Scallop Larvae Mortality and Vibrio spp. in Hatchery Systems”

Student Names: Sydney Shair, Keagan Rice

Abstract number: 844

Presentation based on collaborative work in this and the Perry labs.

Utilizing Sulfloraphane from Broccoli to Treat IBD

Student Name(s): Ryan Wijayanayake

Abstract Number: 1055

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