Li and Ishaq labs made the UMaine News!

UMaine News recently highlighted some of the collaborative work that Yanyan Li and I have been doing at UMaine! You can read more about our projects here, here, and here.

This work features researchers from other universities, including:

•Dr. Tao Zhang, PI, SUNY Binghamton

•Dr. Grace Chen, PI, MSU

•Dr. Gary Mawe, PI, UVM

•Molly Hurd, PhD student, UVM

•Bridgette Lavoie, RA, UVM

•Dr. Peter Moses, PI, Finch Therapeutics

•Johanna Holman, MS student, Umaine

•Lola Holcomb, PhD student, UMaine

•Louisa Colucci, undergrad at the time, Husson

Joe Balkan, Undergrad, Tufts

•Dr. Emma Perry, UMaine Microscopy Facility

In addition to the two new funding sources listed in the article, we have been supported by:

•Maine Agricultural and Forestry  Experimental Station

•ME0-22102 (Ishaq) and ME0-22303 (Li)

•USDA-NIFA-AFRI Foundational Program [Grant No. 2018-67017-27520]

•UMaine Institute of Medicine

•Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment

• UMaine GSBSE

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