Listen to your microbes

Microbes are found everywhere, including on our skin or in our digestive tract, and the ones that hang out with us are called “host-associated”. Microbes interact with us in many different of ways, for better or for worse. To describe some common host-microbe interactions, the AVS254 Intro to Animal Microbiomes students collaborated on some playlists! Check them out on Spotify, and please note some songs are rated E for ‘explicit’ language. 

Pathobiont: Ever had a microbe that you thought loved you only to have it turn on you? This playlist takes you from besties to bacteriosis.

Symbiont: Sometimes you just can’t live without your microbes. Welcome to your happily ever after, even if it is a tiny one.

Exogenous: Sometimes hosts and microbes are like ships passing in the night. This playlist tells you about the microbe that got away.

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