Welcome new lab members!

I’m delighted to officially announce that the Ishaq Lab is welcoming two new graduate students this year, Johanna Holman and Sarah Hosler! Both of them will be working on dynamics of the gut microbiome, and starting a master’s of science this summer/fall. Johanna and Sarah are wonderful additions to our current, enthusiastic team, and the Ishaq Lab can’t wait to see what you achieve!

Johanna Holman

Fall 2020 Masters of Science, Human Nutrition and Food Sciences

A sheep posing for a photo.

Johanna is joining the lab in Fall 2020 to investigate the effects of diet on the gut microbiome, and on host-microbial interactions.

Sarah Hosler

Fall 2020 Masters of Science, Animal Science

Photo of Sarah Hosler in an elevator.

Sarah is from Newton, NJ and has lived in NJ her whole life until she started college at Albright College in PN. Her undergraduate research was on protein classification. Sarah is joining the lab in Fall 2020 to create new methods for studying host-microbial interactions.

“I am excited to see how much I grow through my graduate experience at the University of Maine. I’m also a little bit nervous about the cold, but I’m sure I will get used to it.”

Sarah, Apr 2020

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