PLoS “Microbiome Across Biological Systems” Call for Papers!

I am pleased to announce that several PLoS journals are teaming up for a special issue, titled “Microbiome Across Biological Systems”, and the call for submissions is open!

PLoS (Public Library of Science) is a non-profit publisher that fosters open-access and accessibility in science, with a variety of subject-specific journals, as well as the interdisciplinary journal, PLoS ONE. I spend a lot of my time with interdisciplinary science which doesn’t quite fit with any one field, and I appreciate journals which are interested in that intersectionality. In fact, that’s what this call is about: looking at whole microbial communities at the intersection of ecosystems, at multiple trophic levels, and where the science is interdisciplinary.

I am currently an Academic Editor at PLoS One. I’m acting as a guest editor on this open call, and I look forward to curating this exciting upcoming issue! Submit online by August 6th.

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