Summer 2017 so far

July is quickly becoming busier than anticipated! It’s only half over,  but already this month I have helped submit two major grant proposals with the BioBE and ESBL teams, reviewed five scientific manuscripts and counting (some still pending), received reviews back on two of my own manuscripts for which I will need to make edits, taken University regulations compliance training and arranged for more, and have been wrangling a large and unruly dataset in preparation for ESA2017 in Portland in a few weeks. To add to that, I’ve reached a personal best of 55 miles commuting by bike per week, and probably also a personal best for “amount of locally-produced Bree cheese consumed”.  

In the six weeks that I’ve been in Oregon, I’ve been enjoying both work and life, and it’s slowed down my frequency of in-depth posts.  But, in the next two or three months, I should have posts up about the ESA conference and the work I’m presenting there, my presentations from last year’s JAM meeting which will soon become open-access, hopefully a few posts about new, accepted manuscripts, and perhaps another “day in the life of an academic” similar to some of my previous postings.  If you have a particular interest in any aspect of my work or academia in general, and you’d like to see a post dedicated to it, feel free to comment or email me a topic suggestion!

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