Ishaq Informatics

Ishaq Informatics, LLC was formed in 2016 to provide contracted consulting, data analysis and interpretation, and scientific writing services. II is currently registered in the state of Oregon.

I specialize in 16S rRNA (bacterial, archaeal, or universal primer set) and 18S rRNA (protozoal) data from the digestive tract or soil environments, with some experience in ITS data from the digestive tract. I have some experience with whole genome and metagenomic assembly.

In particular, I have a long history of dusting off those old data sets you don’t know what to do with and getting them out the door. I am open to discussing any datatype.

Services include:

  • consultation on experimental design and data analysis workflows
  • data analysis
  • data interpretation (generation of statistics and figures)
  • data archiving on NCBI, etc.
  • scientific writing, including manuscripts, conference abstracts, conference presentations or posters, and social media content
  • manuscript review
  • manuscript submission and handling (for manuscripts on which I am an author)


Please direct all inquiries to

I require an initial discussion of the project and current status, after which I will provide a financial and timeline quote, prior to contract agreement.

All communications with clients or potential clients are considered confidential, and I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement as needed.

Previous collaborations

Ishaq, S.L., Page, C.M., Yeoman, C.J., Murphy, T.W., Van Emon, M.L., Stewart, W.C. 2018. Zinc amino acid supplementation alters yearling ram rumen bacterial communities but zinc sulfate supplementation does not. Journal of Animal Science. Article.

Ishaq, S.L., AlZahal, O., Walker, N., McBride, B. 2017. An investigation into rumen fungal and protozoal diversity in three rumen fractions, during high-fiber or grain-induced sub-acute ruminal acidosis conditions, with or without active dry yeast supplementation. Frontiers in Microbiology 8:1943.Article.