Celebrating 50 peer-reviewed publications!

I’ve been a researcher since Juy 2010, when I started graduate school, and my first peer-reviewed journal article was accepted in 2012. This summer, I reached 50 peer-reviewed publications, including research papers and reviews. Since I started publishing, I’ve been in grad school, two one-year postdoc positions, one two-year research assistant professor position, and one four-year-and-counting assistant professor position, and my research areas of focuses have shifted 5 or 6 times since then to keep pace with the job I was in at the time. To capture that diversity, I made a word cloud of my publication list, including authors, titles, and journal names:

Word Cloud

Top keywords:

Unsurprisingly, most of my top keywords include the microbes I’m focusing on (bacterial), the animals I’ve worked with (moose, Alces), the sample types I’ve worked with (rumen, soil), and the methodology I use (seqeuencing).

Top co-authors:

None of this would have been possible without hundreds of researchers that I have worked with over the years. Here are a few of the names that pop up in theat wordcloud because I have published so often with them:

  • Carl Yeoman, Montana State University, who was my post-doc advisor for a year and who I’ve continued to publish with on various projects. We’ve co-authored 11 papers!!
  • Andre Wright, my PhD avisor, who has since moved into non-research roles, also with 11 co-authored papers!!
  • Fabian Menalled, Montana State University, who was my post-doc advisor for a year and who I collaborated with for many years on projects which sprung from that first year. We have 7 co-authoured papers!
  • Jean MacRae, University of Maine, and I have collaborated on a handful of different projects since I joined UMaine and have co-authored 4 papers with another currently in review.

Full list of Research Articles (38) and Reviews (12):

1 undergraduate student I mentored, 2 graduate student I mentored

  1. Ishaq, S.L., Hosler2, S., Dankwa, A., Jekielek, P., Brady, D.C., Grey, E., Haskell, H., Lasley-Rasher, R., Pepperman, K., Perry, J., Beal, B., Bowden, T.J. 2023. Bacterial community trends associated with sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, larvae in a hatchery system. Aquaculture Reports 32: 101693.
  2. Holman2, J., L. Colucci, L. Baudewyns, D., Balkan1, J., Hunt1, T., Hunt1, B., Kinney2, M., Holcomb2, L., Stratigakis, A., Chen. G., Moses, P., Mawe, G.M., Zhang, T., Li, Y., Ishaq, S.L. 2023. Steamed broccoli sprouts alleviate DSS-induced inflammation and retain gut microbial biogeography in mice. mSystems. Accepted
  3. Betiku2, O., Yeoman, C., Gaylord, T.G., Ishaq, S., Duff, G., Sealey, W. 2023. Evidence of a Divided Nutritive Function in The Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Mid- and Hind-Gut Microbiomes by Whole Shotgun Metagenomic Approach. Aquaculture Reports 30: 101601.
  4. Ishaq, S.L., Turner, S.M., Lee1, G., Tudor, M.S., MacRae, J.D., Hamlin, H., Bouchard, D. 2023. Water temperature and disease alters bacterial diversity and cultivability from American Lobster (Homarus americanus) shells. iScience 26(5): 106606.
  5. Ouverson2, T., , Boss, D., Eberly, J., Seipel, T., Menalled, F.D., Ishaq, S.L. 2022. Soil bacterial community response to cover crops, cover crop termination, and predicted climate conditions in a dryland cropping system. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 911199.
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  11. Rabee, A.E., Sayed Alahl, A.A., Lamara, M., Ishaq, S.L. 2022. Fibrolytic rumen bacteria of camel and sheep and their applications in the bioconversion of barley straw to soluble sugars for biofuel production. PLoS ONE 17(1): e0262304.
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